Jun. 27th, 2017

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Winter had spent all morning filling out postcards, using up three whole glitter pens as he wrote them out for everyone they knew. Postcards were important when you went on vacation, and since he couldn't send them from the village, he'd decided to send them now, promising to bring back souvenirs. His hand was sore by the time he was done, but he looked pleased with himself as he placed the final stamp.

"This is exciting Phouka. Are you excited?" he asked, glancing over at the other creature, then looking to his luggage. He'd packed far more than phouka, wanting to show his friends all his cool mortal stuff (specially his light up trainers), but he knew it all needed shrinking down. He'd hoped Finlay or Will might do it for him, but neither had answered his texts. He knew his own magic could likely do the trick, but he was nervous, and he fidgeted a little as he looked at the pile. ...Maybe he should bring a little less.

Wandering over, he began to sort through and wittle everything down to one bag. One bag would be so much easier to shrink.


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