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It was a perfectly normal morning, Aspid was busy making something in his cauldron, and Winter was fluttering around in his cage, watching the wizard work.

"If there's no chores to be done, and you don't need me- you could let me out in the garden for a while," he said, fluttering as high as the delicate chain that was locked around his ankle would allow, then settling at the bottom of his cage and using the big toe of his other foot to draw playful swirls of frost that swiftly melted away. "I need some sunlight, I need it desperately," he sighed.

"Don't be dramatic, little one. I will take you out when I have time. Now stop chattering, you're distracting me. If I burn this potion because of you, you'll be very sorry," the wizard warned.

Winter's wings drooped, and he sank down to sit on the floor of his cage, picking up the sliver of cake he'd been given that morning and nibbling at it. He supposed he should be thankful to be ignored. It was certainly preferable to the days when Aspid demanded his full attention. As much as Winter enjoyed being made so very tall for a few hours, he didn't like the way Aspid touched him, or the things the wizard expected him to do.

No, this was much better. A quiet morning in his cage, with cake and a thimble full of cream.
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