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Winter had spent all morning filling out postcards, using up three whole glitter pens as he wrote them out for everyone they knew. Postcards were important when you went on vacation, and since he couldn't send them from the village, he'd decided to send them now, promising to bring back souvenirs. His hand was sore by the time he was done, but he looked pleased with himself as he placed the final stamp.

"This is exciting Phouka. Are you excited?" he asked, glancing over at the other creature, then looking to his luggage. He'd packed far more than phouka, wanting to show his friends all his cool mortal stuff (specially his light up trainers), but he knew it all needed shrinking down. He'd hoped Finlay or Will might do it for him, but neither had answered his texts. He knew his own magic could likely do the trick, but he was nervous, and he fidgeted a little as he looked at the pile. ...Maybe he should bring a little less.

Wandering over, he began to sort through and wittle everything down to one bag. One bag would be so much easier to shrink.


Mar. 7th, 2017 07:43 pm
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Valentine's had passed, and as lovely as that day had been, Winter found himself still caught up in the lingering romance of the day. He'd taken to watching romantic comedies, rather than horror flicks. Had even started reading more romantic novels, rather than the historical novels he'd been swimming in before. He even found himself tidying up more, keeping the bedroom neat and inviting, so they'd both be more inclined to linger there.

And tonight? Tonight he had decided they should go out to do something romantic. ...A trip to the museum, he'd decided. Art was definitely romantic. Couples were always looking at art in movies and things.

Dressed up, the pixie was looking like an actual adult as he lead the way inside, his hand reaching for the Phouka's as he spoke.

"This will be fun, don't you think? We can look at art, then get some coffee at the cafe," he grinned. "...Or not coffee. Whatever you want. It's my treat, Phouka."


Aug. 23rd, 2016 04:00 pm
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from here

It seemed to happen so fast, and Winter made a small sound of surprise as he hit the bed. ...Though that sound was soon followed by a low moan of pleasure.

This was new. Phouka was always careful and slow, cautious and wary of spooking Winter or hurting him. It was how he knew Phouka loved him. ...But maybe sometimes you didn't need to be loved to be wanted. ...Maybe it could just be lust. Maybe it could be greedy desire.

The thought made the pixie groan softly, thin fingers raking through Eric's hair and then holding on tight.


Mar. 8th, 2016 08:46 pm
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Winter had tried to sleep twice already, drifting off for a full hour the first time, only to wake again. That time he'd quietly slipped out of bed and gone into the living room to play with his Wii U, happily playing Mario Kart until he'd been sure he was really tired this time. Certain he was really tired this time, the pixie attempted to call it bedtime once again.

Now it was three in the morning, and after waking up every thirty minutes or so, he was ready to give up on sleep.

"Phouka," he whispered, squishing his favourite plush, and then lightly bopping the Phouka with it. "Phoukaaaa," he whined quietly. "Are you awake? I can't sleep, Phouka."


Dec. 12th, 2015 07:23 pm
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Winter slunk back to Phouka's flat, still sulking a little and shrinking himself down so he could play.

He wasn't sure where Phouka was, and so he made himself at home, building a little nest from discarded socks and the Phouka's pillow in the middle of the bed. He still had the tablet he'd acquired when he'd first come to London, and small hands easily found Netflix and something entertaining to watch. Zombies no longer appealed, and so he settled on a show about mortals who worked in a police station.

He sat happily with a bag of sunflower seeds and a small bottle of pop that was nearly as tall as he was, trying not to think too much about his chat with Willy.


Nov. 21st, 2015 06:16 pm
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He'd not sent word he was coming, so he hadn't been surprised to find no sign of anyone home the first night he'd stopped by, but the day after he'd happily tried again, knocking lightly on the familiar door and whistling happily.

He'd missed Willy and the Phouka. He may have even missed the blind mortal a bit as well- However, his new life with his own kind had done wonders for the pixie. Time moved so differently there, and Winter almost looked like an adult now. Older, and slightly calmer too. 

His hair had gone from shock white to a pile of red and brown curls, and his skin was ever so slightly sunkissed and pink, rather than pearly white. Changes brought on from living so deep in the woods.

"Willy Silver, Willy Silver, open your door!" Winter sang happily.


Feb. 22nd, 2015 10:22 pm
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(from here)

 Winter went slightly pale as he listened, and drooped ever so slightly.

"That sounds dreadful."


Jan. 9th, 2015 11:25 pm
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Winter's colour was slowly returning to him, and his wings were still weak, but were starting to shine once more. He slept often, and for long stretches of time, but it was clear he was slowly mending.

...It was also clear that being kept inside was driving the little pixie mad. He craved sunlight and the kiss of the moon, and he'd taken to spending much of his time pressed against the window looking sad. More so today than ever, since Willy and Fin were out and about. Something to do with Fin's 'work', that was all he'd been told, and he'd blown a raspberry at their backs as the pair had left, then wasted the morning gazing out the window.

"Phouka," he said, whining just a little. "I am bored- The mortal's home is so dull. Give me my potion so I will be tall, and we can go and have hot chocolate in the park," he grinned.
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It was a perfectly normal morning, Aspid was busy making something in his cauldron, and Winter was fluttering around in his cage, watching the wizard work.

"If there's no chores to be done, and you don't need me- you could let me out in the garden for a while," he said, fluttering as high as the delicate chain that was locked around his ankle would allow, then settling at the bottom of his cage and using the big toe of his other foot to draw playful swirls of frost that swiftly melted away. "I need some sunlight, I need it desperately," he sighed.

"Don't be dramatic, little one. I will take you out when I have time. Now stop chattering, you're distracting me. If I burn this potion because of you, you'll be very sorry," the wizard warned.

Winter's wings drooped, and he sank down to sit on the floor of his cage, picking up the sliver of cake he'd been given that morning and nibbling at it. He supposed he should be thankful to be ignored. It was certainly preferable to the days when Aspid demanded his full attention. As much as Winter enjoyed being made so very tall for a few hours, he didn't like the way Aspid touched him, or the things the wizard expected him to do.

No, this was much better. A quiet morning in his cage, with cake and a thimble full of cream.


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